"When fantasy meets reality - and chaos rules hillariously supreme!"


WILLIAM HEATH ROBINSON & HIS AMAZING UNCLE LUBIN is a unique biopic, told in live action and traditional 2D animation. WILLIAM HEATH ROBINSON is an iconic British artist and humorist from the turn of the 20th-century whose life and work guaranteed him a virtual rock-star status until his death in 1946. William Heath Robinson became most famous for the fabulous, imaginary mechanical contraptions he conceived and presented through his countless cartoons and illustrations. In addition, 'The Adventures of Uncle Lubin' was the children's book classic he wrote, illustrated and had published in 1902. the book has stood the test of time and is still being sold over 100-years after its first appearance. This film is a fantasy - in true Heath Robinson tradition - where UNCLE LUBIN becomes alive in the artist's imagination, which causes significant distruption (and yet inspiration) throughout the span of Heath Robinson's entire life!

Producer/Director: Tony White

Authors: Robert Endeacott & Tony White

Concept art: William Heath Robinson

Character development: Chun Lu


 CG animation will be used in places to support the 2D approach that will be used for Uncle Lubin's adventures.



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